Lily Pond Meadows Project Area

The uplands and interior freshwater wetlands called Lily Pond Meadows are located about a mile inland and to the east of Long Cove on Pleasant Bay.  The core of this Project Area covers roughly 400 acres of undeveloped land principally characterized by a winding stream, beaver flowages and wetland meadows as well as brushy cover and woodlands. To the east the wetlands meet a prominent forested granite knoll called Hardwood Hill.

beaver treeWhile coastal properties provide vital fall and winter habitat for waterbirds, interior wetlands like Lily Pond Meadows serve the spring and summer needs of nesting waterfowl, particularly black ducks.  Black ducks nest in solitary pairs, so protecting large stretches of undisturbed interior wetlands is essential to maintaining thriving black duck populations.

The marshy meadows that form when beavers abandon old dams offer excellent habitat for herons and bitterns as well as moose, deer and other furbearing mammals. Sea-run brook trout come in from the Gulf of Maine to spawn in the stream; the shallow wetlands serve as a nursery for their fry.

While seemingly remote, the Lily Pond Lily Pond meadowsMeadows wetlands complex could be seriously degraded if a nearby granite quarry expanded its operation or if new gravel pits were opened in the area.  To date, PRWF has acquired four parcels in the Lily Pond Meadows Project Area totaling 320 acres.  The most recent acquisition, in March 0f 2010, was the 108-acre parcel in the northeast part of the area that captures a substantial section of Lily Pond Meadows Stream and its wetlands as well as much of Hardwood Hill.  The foundation is engaged in ongoing discussions with other nearby landowners with the objective of protecting the entire drainage. Ultimately we expect to unify the Lily Pond Meadows Project Area and the Pleasant Bay Project Area, into a single, multi-habitat preserve extending over 1,900 acres.


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