Why We Care

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Some may feel that conservation should take a back seat to America’s pressing social and economic challenges.  But in the last few decades we’ve learned an important lesson: our planet is an extremely fragile place.  What we thought would last forever can be gone in a heartbeat. 

We’ve also learned that the quality of our environment is of paramount importance to our own well being.  A healthy environment, a healthy economy and people who are healthy in mind and body are inextricably linked and mutually dependent.

Here in Downeast Maine we live on a coastline of exceptional natural beauty, blessed with abundant wildlife.  Our small communities are closely tied to the sea.  Such a place is rare in America, a treasure by any standard and worthy of thoughtful stewardship.

Unfortunately, all that we prize so much is increasingly at risk.  As populations grow, the pressures of subdivision and residential development spread inexorably northeast along the coast.

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If we don’t act now to conserve our Downeast heritage:
  • Residents will lose the access to local shores and waters that is essential to their livelihoods
  • Visitors and residents alike will lose a wealth of recreational opportunities
  • Wildlife will lose the sweeps of contiguous undisturbed habitat essential for survival

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